Navigating The Intersection Of Safety And Security

Hardware and tools ensure both safety and security in the face of ADAS security threats and safety requirements.


Vehicle systems and the semiconductors used within them are some of the most complex electronics seen today. In the past, electronics going into vehicle systems implemented flat architectures with isolated functions controlling various components of the power train and vehicle dynamics. However, to support the realization of Level 4 and Level 5 (L4/L5) autonomous driving, a massive restructure is underway. The software-defined vehicle, the automotive Ethernet, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity, and domain controller units are just some of the new technologies required to realize L4/L5 capabilities. Ensuring all these new systems are both functionally safe and secure from cyberattacks is mission critical.

Download this white paper from Rambus and Siemens to learn:

  • Functional safety requirements for automotive electronics
  • Security threats posed to ADAS systems
  • Hardware and tools for ensuring both safety and security


  • Bart Stevens, Sr. Director of Product Marketing Rambus Security IP
  • Thierry Kouthon, Technical Product Manager Rambus Security IP
  • Jacob Wiltgen, Functional Safety Solutions Manager Siemens EDA
  • Ann Keffer, Austemper Product Manager Siemens EDA

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