An FPGA-Based ECU for Remote Reconfiguration in Automotive Systems

Remotely hardware-reconfigurable ECU for automotive systems is proposed, implemented with a FPGA &MCU to support in-system reconfiguration (ISR).


“Growing interest in intelligent vehicles is leading automotive systems to include numerous electronic control units (ECUs) inside. As a result, efficient implementation and management of automotive systems is gaining importance. Flexible updating and reconfiguration of ECUs is one appropriate strategy for these goals. Software updates to the ECUs are expected to improve performance and bug handling, but there are limitations due to the fixed hardware circuit. By applying hardware-reconfigurable ECUs to the automotive system, patches that are not able to be handled with only software updates are enabled. In this paper, a remotely hardware-reconfigurable ECU for automotive systems is proposed. The proposed ECU is implemented with a field programmable gate array (FPGA) and microcontroller unit (MCU) to support in-system reconfiguration (ISR). The communication interface between the FPGA and MCU employs Zipwire communication for high speed and resilient communication. For the Zipwire communication, a Zipwire controller is designed and implemented in the FPGA. The proposed hardware-reconfigurable ECU was successfully implemented, and feasibility was demonstrated.”

Find the open access technical paper here.

Cho, K.; Kim, J.; Choi, D.Y.; Yoon, Y.H.; Oh, J.H.; Lee, S.E. An FPGA-Based ECU for Remote Reconfiguration in Automotive Systems. Micromachines 2021, 12, 1309. https://doi.org/10.3390/mi12111309. Published 10/2021.

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