Optimizing LPDDR4 Performance And Power With Multi-Channel Architectures

Why this JEDEC spec is different and how to configure and best utilize LPDDR4 channels.


PDDR4 offers huge bandwidth in a physically small PCB area and volume; up to 25.6 GByte/s of bandwidth at a 3,200 Mbps data rate from a single 15mmx15mm LPDDR4 package when two dies are packaged together. LPDDR4 builds on the success of LPDDR2 and LPDDR3 by adding new features and introducing a major architectural change. This white paper explains how LPDDR4 is different from all previous JEDEC DRAM specifications. It discusses:

  • Why designers are selecting LPDDR4
  • Highlights of the LPDDR4 architecture
  • How to best configure LPDDR4 channels
  • How to handle 2-die and 4-die packages with multi-channel connections
  • The advantages of sharing channels through system-on-chip (SoC) partitioning
  • How to optimize channels for the lowest power consumption

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