OTP Dynamic Power Cut By Factor Of 10

A look at Kilopass’ new X2Bit bitcell and how it can reduce edge-node power.


Of the challenges being addressed by Internet of Things (IoT) designers around the globe, none is more pressing than the need to reduce edge-node power. While eyes often turn to the radio as primary consumer of energy, memory, including NVM memory, also contributes a substantial portion of the energy consumed by an edge node. Power reductions in all memories will be essential for meeting this challenge.

Kilopass’ X2Bit bitcell has achieved a breakthrough that allows it to reduce its dynamic current by a factor of 10, dropping from 100 μA/MHz to 10 μA/MHz. This paper first motivates in more detail why this is important and then illustrates the area where the change was made as well as the implications of that change.

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