Outlier Detection

How to deliver the lowest possible defective parts per million across all market segments.


With increasing focus on quality and reliability across all segments beyond just automotive, medical and mil-aero, it is more critical than ever for companies to leverage every byte of test data at their disposal to ensure that they deliver the lowest possible DPPM (defective parts per million) rates to their customers.

Semiconductor manufacturing operations now generate up to 100TB of test data annually. The ability to analyze trends across global manufacturing supply chains and generate actionable insights in real-time becomes a significant challenge. Optimal+ Outlier Detection provides the industry’s only complete, end-to-end solution for the detection of outlier units from good device populations and is a key component in the establishment of a “quality firewall” by rapidly identifying such outliers and triggering rules-based actions to automatically re-bin them with no manual intervention required. This solution has been proven in multiple high-volume manufacturing environments to reduce outgoing DPPM rates to the single digit range, resulting in higher-quality electronic systems and lower RMA (return material authorization) rates in the future.

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