Packaging Solutions For Unique Markets

Meeting unique dimensional, environmental, and application requirements.


The MicroLeadframe (MLF/QFN) packaging technology is the fastest growing IC packaging solution today. From a market segment perspective, MLF packaging solutions represent a >111B-unit market for 2022 across 5 unique markets: automotive, consumer, industrial, computing/networking, and communications. The package solution requirements across these markets varies but, the fundamental values the MLF packaging brings to each one is consistently the same: (1) flexible form factor; (2) adaptable interconnect technology; (3) electrical and thermal performance; and (4) cost effective solutions.

The flexible form factor of the MLF packaging enables the technology to service all markets, meeting unique dimensional, environmental, and application requirements. For example, the capability to form cavities has proven to make the MLF a versatile solution in the MEMS and sensor markets, and the ability to vary the package thickness has enabled this technology to meet the demanding size requirements of the portable hand-held markets.

Multiple interconnect solutions have been proven and are available ranging from traditional wire bond designs to high bump count Cu pillar flip chip designs. Use of Au, Cu, and Ag wire of various diameters addresses the requirements for performance and cost, while enabling the broad interconnect solutions needed for a variety of wafer technologies such as silicon, GaN, and SOS with technology nodes ranging from 120ƞm to 7ƞm.

The exposed die attach pad (either TOP, BOTTOM, or both) feature enables the unique capability of this packaging technology to meet the thermal needs of high-performance networking devices as well as power devices. The ability to integrate large diameter bond wire and Cu clips for power FETs has enabled the MLF packaging solutions to extend into high power applications and meet the very demanding market requirements ranging from automotive to consumer gaming products.

New material sets specifically target zero delamination and the demanding automotive reliability requirements of QEC-Q-100 and AEC-Q-006 have extended the use case of this technology to applications previously dominated by leaded package solutions such as LQFP, MQFP, TQFP, and SOIC. Roughened leadframe finishes, improved epoxy die attach materials, film die attach for automotive applications, and improved molding compounds to enhance Cu wire performance extend the value of the MLF packaging technology.

Amkor’s MLF technology is a market adaptable, innovative, and cost sensitive technology. Utilizing the flexible form factor and adaptable interconnect capabilities in combination uniquely positions the MLF to meet a multitude of market needs and application requirements. Let Amkor work with you to identify the best solution to fit your need.

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