Photometric Qualification for Virtual Night Drive Testing

A study shows that ANSYS VRXPERIENCE delivers the same photometric results as a toolkit for both static and dynamic simulation.


Headlamps are a mission-critical product system that must perform reliably at every time of day, in every possible weather condition. Engineering headlamps for the correct photometry is essential — but constructing physical prototypes and measuring their performance is expensive and time-consuming. In addition, physical photometry measurement tools are not always wellcalibrated and accurate. Simulating the photometry of headlamps via ANSYS is the clear solution. Easy-to-use ANSYS SPEOS simulation software provides the fastest, most cost-effective and most accurate way to model and measure headlamp performance in a static environment. Not only can optical engineers assess performance at an early stage, in a low-cost and risk-free environment, but they can also use a product that meets CIE 171:2006, which is the industry standard that ensures the accuracy of photometry simulation.

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By Charlène RAVE, Software Quality Engineer, ANSYS, and Emmanuel Follin, Product Manager, ANSYS

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