Revolutionizing Automotive Development For The Digital Future

How OEMs can build safety and security into automotive system-on-chip (SoC) designs faster with automotive-grade IP, virtual prototyping solutions, and software security and quality.


For years, the automotive industry has warned of the impending challenges posed by electrification, autonomous technologies, vehicle-to-everything connectivity, and the uncertain evolution of vehicle ownership. Today, these individual technological leaps, and the ultimate industry revolution they comprise, no longer represent uncomfortable uncertainties, but extremely real and daunting challenges. OEM development organizations, wrestling with the task of bringing these concepts into series production, race to remain on the forefront of innovation in areas increasingly alien to their historical expertise.

Automotive technical development must reinvent itself to not only bring the bleeding edge of silicon and software into automotive, but elevate electronics safety and durability to unprecedented heights. It is not enough, therefore, for OEMs to play catch up with the tech industry. Instead, vehicle development organizations must reinvent themselves to thrive in the face of the challenges inherent to the marriage of mechanical and electronics engineering.

This white paper by Porsche Consulting and Synopsys outlines a solution for automotive technical development teams seeking to integrate bleeding-edge electronic architecture development solutions into their operations through the lens of Systems Engineering.

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