Safe And Reliable MOSFET Operation In Bidirectional Power Switch (BDPS) Applications

How to choose the right MOSFET to ensure battery protection against abnormal conditions.


The global market for battery-powered applications is rapidly growing, including power tools, service robots, light electric vehicles, and many others. The evolution of switched-mode power supply (SMPS) topologies enables designers to ensure safe charging and discharging of the equipment’s battery using bidirectional converters through the same terminal. However, to meet the safety requirements and prevent damage and failures, those SMPS need to be equipped with a protection switch. Βidirectional switches are widely used in Battery Management Systems (BMS) to charge/discharge and protect against various failures like inrush current, overcurrent, short-circuit, reverse voltage, or overvoltage and undervoltage. In this paper, we present the guidelines that can help designers develop an appropriate bidirectional protection power switch (BDPS) circuit such that the MOSFETs are operating within their safe operating area (SOA).

by Susheel Badha, Senior Application Engineer, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Infineon Technologies; Mahmoud Ismail, Senior Application Marketing Expert, BMS, Infineon Technologies; and Filippo Rosetti, Staff Application Marketing Expert, BMS, Infineon Technologies

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