Save Time And Maximize Reuse in HIL Testing With The SLSC Extension For PXI And CompactRIO

The SLSC is a way to avoid some of the custom engineering inherent in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests. NI explains SLSC and showcases the growing ecosystem of SLSC modules and accessories.


NI SLSC (Switch, Load and Signal Conditioning) is an add-on for NI data acquisition products like PXI and CompactRIO. SLSC standardizes connectivity and provides a modular approach to signal conditioning, fault insertion and other test needs. This white paper discusses the details of SLSC and showcases the growing ecosystem of SLSC modules and accessories created by NI and NI partners.

What is SLSC?
As technology advances, embedded software is becoming increasingly prevalent in complex, safety critical systems such as automobiles and aircraft. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing is a methodology adopted by many industries to test embedded software while simulating the real-world inputs to that system. This approach allows testers to test early and often without risking damage to costly hardware and without incurring safety risks associated with unvetted product.

Because successful HIL testing hinges on accurately simulating real-world signals, custom signal conditioning and in-house development of simulated loads to guarantee signal integrity has been the norm. While it’s true that no one is as knowledgeable about specific test requirements as the test engineer working on the system, NI has observed that much of this custom engineering is common across companies and industries. This observation lead to the development of SLSC, an add-on to NI’s powerful measurement and control platform that streamlines signal conditioning and test stimulus needs.

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