Scalable Technique Producing Thin Lightweight Solar Cells That Turn Any Surface Into A Power Source (MIT)


A new technical paper titled “Printed Organic Photovoltaic Modules on Transferable Ultra-thin Substrates as Additive Power Sources” was published by researchers at MIT.

“These durable, flexible solar cells, which are much thinner than a human hair, are glued to a strong, lightweight fabric, making them easy to install on a fixed surface. They can provide energy on the go as a wearable power fabric or be transported and rapidly deployed in remote locations for assistance in emergencies. They are one-hundredth the weight of conventional solar panels, generate 18 times more power-per-kilogram, and are made from semiconducting inks using printing processes that can be scaled in the future to large-area manufacturing,” states the MIT news article.

Find the open access technical paper here. Published December 2022.

Saravanapavanantham, Mayuran, Jeremiah Mwaura, and Vladimir Bulović. “Printed Organic Photovoltaic Modules on Transferable Ultra‐thin Substrates as Additive Power Sources.” Small Methods (2022): 2200940.

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