Machine Vision Plus AI/ML Adds Vast New Opportunities

Traditional technology companies and startups are racing to combine machine vision with AI/ML, enabling it to "see" far more than just pixel data from sensors, and opening up new opportunities across a wide swath of applications. In recent years, startups have been able to raise billions of dollars as new MV ideas come to light in markets ranging from transportation and manufacturing to heal... » read more

Deployment Of A 5G Network Testbed To Support Drone Operations

In this paper, the MITRE Engenuity Open Generation 5G Consortium describes efforts related to the recent deployment of our first outdoors 5G private testbed, designed to support experimentation with drone operations. We also present early results obtained from the initial assessment of command and control (C2) link performance over this network. Click here to read more. » read more

Solving Problems With The IoT

The Internet of Things, a term once applied to almost any "smart" gadget connected to the Internet, is becoming more useful, more complex, and more of a security risk as the value of data continues to grow and more people depend on IoT technology. In the decades since the concept was first introduced, IoT devices have become so ubiquitous that applications cover practically every consumer, c... » read more

Scalable Technique Producing Thin Lightweight Solar Cells That Turn Any Surface Into A Power Source (MIT)

A new technical paper titled "Printed Organic Photovoltaic Modules on Transferable Ultra-thin Substrates as Additive Power Sources" was published by researchers at MIT. "These durable, flexible solar cells, which are much thinner than a human hair, are glued to a strong, lightweight fabric, making them easy to install on a fixed surface. They can provide energy on the go as a wearable power ... » read more

HW Accelerator Architecture for MI Computation With Low Latency, Energy Efficient (MIT)

A new technical paper titled "Efficient Computation of Map-scale Continuous Mutual Information on Chip in Real Time" was published by researchers at MIT. Find the technical paper here. "In this paper, we introduce a new hardware accelerator architecture for MI computation that features a low-latency, energy-efficient MI compute core and an optimized memory subsystem that provides sufficie... » read more

Beyond Autonomous Cars

As the automotive industry takes a more measured approach to self-driving cars and long-haul trucks for safety and security reasons, there is a renewed focus on other types of vehicles utilizing autonomous technology. The list is long and growing. It now includes autonomous trains, helicopters, tractors, ships, submarines, drones, delivery robots, motorcycles, scooters, and bikes, all of whi... » read more

Mesh Generation And CFD For A Drone’s Coaxial Rotor

Our Cadence Channel Partner in Scandinavia, neptech, shares a case study investigating the interaction of a coaxial rotor system and how to optimize its efficiency. Coaxial rotor systems are appealing for multirotor drones, as they increase thrust without increasing the vehicle’s footprint. However, the thrust of a coaxial rotor system is reduced compared to having the rotors in line. It... » read more

Electric Planes Taking Off

As the aeronautics industry and aviation startups design and test zero-emissions aircraft, they are solving problems beyond just adapting to fuel sources that cut greenhouse gas emissions. Problems of weight, noise, redundancy, refueling, cost, and turnaround time are being tackled one airline seat at time. Powerful tools can help aircraft designers look at the aircraft system as a whole, fe... » read more

Replicating da Vinci’s Aerial Vehicle Design

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the prodigy of remotely piloted vehicles, largely used for military purposes, are slowly gaining momentum in our civil lives. Some of the applications of UAVs go beyond surveillance or photography: we already have drones that are employed by farmers to monitor crops and are used in the solar industry for thermographic studies. By 2026, UAVs for both consumer and... » read more

Development Of Distributed Intelligent Systems With The Robot Operating System

Networked robotic systems are increasingly prevalent. In addition to industrial robotics now firmly ensconced in manufacturing, applications are also being developed in the areas of logistics, medical technology, and even unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV). In general, robotic systems are still centrally controlled by a PLC based on statically planned tasks... » read more

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