Service Agreements For Probe Systems

Scheduled maintenance helps keep equipment running at maximum uptime and peak performance.


Having a Probe Systems Service Agreements can bring simplicity and peace of mind when it comes to keeping equipment operating at optimum performance.

We take the guesswork out of maintenance budgeting by providing parts and labor coverage at a single, low cost. Priority service and part delivery eliminates time wasted waiting for maintenance or repair parts.

Comprehensive, scheduled preventive maintenance, including our full performance guarantee where applicable, maximize uptime and assure equipment is operating at the peak of performance.

Here are 6 reasons why service agreements make sense for your probe systems:

1. Repeatable, reliable results are critical to your success

We focus on your Probe System equipment so you don’t have to. Our Priority Gold and Silver Service Agreements are designed to provide you with the best performing equipment with maximum uptime and throughput all while eliminating variable maintenance costs.

Combining all the benefits of the three-year Priority Gold Agreement and two days of application training, our Platinum Service Agreement offers four years of worry-free usage of your probe station.

2. Budgeted cost of ownership

Service Agreements take the guess work out of budgeting for optimum Probe System performance. Priority Platinum, Gold and Silver contracts cover the costs of all parts and labor required to keep your Probe System performing at its best.

A realistic assessment of total cost of ownership takes into account the maintenance costs associated with a piece of equipment over its useful life. Service agreements allow you to budget for these costs.

3. Get annual maintenance for peak performance

Our annual maintenance is included with applicable service agreements. We design our annual maintenance to keep your equipment operating at peak performance and with minimal test result variability.

High-wear parts are replaced on scheduled intervals, moving parts are lubricated and electrical and mechanical performance is verified.

4. Predictable uptime and productivity

Your probe system performs a vital function and should be ready and functional when needed. The data extracted during measurements provides critical insight into semiconductor development and manufacturing processes.

Annual maintenance, plus priority parts and service scheduling, included with FormFactor Service Agreements ensure that you can meet your R&D commitments.

If a maintenance issue arises, there is no need to waste time issuing a purchase order. Priority replacement parts delivery and labor are included with applicable Service Agreements.

5. Performance guarantee at the Priority Platinum and Gold level

Low-leakage current and noise are critical to many measurements. The performance guarantee included in Priority Platinum and Gold Service Agreements offers you the peace of mind that your probe station meets “as new” specifications for these electrical parameters.

Electrical and mechanical performance are verified and demonstrated during each annual maintenance visit.

6. Run the most recent software

Running the latest software improves the functionality and productivity offered by your probe station and provides the benefit of our ongoing development of new software capabilities.

Priority Platinum and Gold Service Agreement customers receive major and minor updates while Silver Service Agreement customers receive minor software updates.

Customer Service is our passion at FormFactor. We are committed to being intimately connected to our customers and their needs to optimize performance, increase yields and maximize product output. For more detail on our probe system support and services agreements, visit our website or download the brochure.

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