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Shift Left With Calibre To Optimize IC Design Flow Productivity, Design Quality, And Time To Market

Why it’s critical to perform verification analysis throughout the design cycle.


Every IC designer strives to create a “clean,” or error-free, cell, block, chiplet, SoC, or 3DIC assembly before passing their work downstream for full sign-off verification. However, waiting until sign-off verification to find out how well you did is probably the least efficient approach to achieving production-ready layouts, impacting engineer productivity, project schedules, and hardware resources. A shift left approach to IC design in which verification analysis is performed early and throughout the IC design cycle delivers significant competitive advantages. Early analysis capabilities available in the Calibre nmPlatform tool-suite provide proven, innovative shift left solutions, including artificial intelligence, that allow design companies to achieve the productivity, efficiency, and cost reductions they are seeking while ensuring Calibre-quality results.

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