Hybrid All-Optical Switching Devices Combining Silicon Nanocavities And 2D Semiconductor Material

A new technical paper titled "Hybrid silicon all-optical switching devices integrated with two-dimensional material" was published by researchers at RIKEN, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and Keio University. Abstract "We propose and demonstrate hybrid all-optical switching devices that combine silicon nanocavities and two-dimensional semiconduct... » read more

Improved graphene-base heterojunction transistor with different collector semiconductors for high-frequency applications

New research paper from TU Dresden & others. Abstract "A new kind of transistor device with a graphene monolayer embedded between two n-typesilicon layers is fabricated and characterized. The device is called graphene-base heterojunction transistor (GBHT). The base-voltage controls the current of the device flowing from the emitter via graphene to the collector. The transit time for e... » read more