2D-Materials-Based Electronic Circuits (KAUST and TSMC)

A special edition article titled "Electronic Circuits made of 2D Materials" was just published by Dr. Mario Lanza, KAUST Associate Professor of Material Science and Engineering, and Iuliana Radu, corporate researcher at TSMC. This special issue covers 21 articles from leading subject matter experts, ranging from materials synthesis and their integration in micro/nano-electronic devices and c... » read more

Hardware Platform Based on 2D Memtransistors

A new technical paper titled "Hardware implementation of Bayesian network based on two-dimensional memtransistors" from researchers at Penn State University. "In this work, we demonstrate hardware implementation of a BN [Bayesian networks] using a monolithic memtransistor technology based on two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors such as monolayer MoS2. First, we experimentally demonstrate a lo... » read more

2D materials for future heterogeneous electronics

Abstract "Graphene and two-dimensional materials (2DM) remain an active field of research in science and engineering over 15 years after the first reports of 2DM. The vast amount of available data and the high performance of device demonstrators leave little doubt about the potential of 2DM for applications in electronics, photonics and sensing. So where are the integrated chips and enabled ... » read more