Experts At The Table: Stacked Die Reality Check

By Ed Sperling Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design sat down with Sunil Patel, principal member of the technical staff for package technology at GlobalFoundries; Steve Pateras, product marketing director at Mentor Graphics; Steve Smith, senior director of platform marketing at Synopsys; Thorsten Matthias, business development director at EVGroup; and Manish Ranjan, vice president of market... » read more

Getting Ready For Stacked Die

By Ed Sperling The move toward stacking of die has always been a series of disconnected pieces and vague promises for the future, but in the past few months the scenario has changed radically—and so has the commentary. All three of the Big Three EDA vendors now have at least some of the pieces in place for 2.5D stacking and are working on a full 3D flow. Two of the biggest FPGA vendors, A... » read more

3D DRAM Makers Inch Closer To Production

By Mark LaPedus For some time, DRAM makers have been developing 3D memory chips, but commercial products still are not due out for some time because of technical and cost issues. But the advent of the 3D DRAM era could be near the turning point, as two memory rivals have separately moved to bring their respective technologies closer to production. In one move, Micron Technology Inc. has di... » read more

Limits For TSVs In 3D Stacks?

By Ed Sperling Semiconductor design always has been about solving technology issues one node at a time, often in the face of a perpetual barrage of looming problems. In fact, if there is any change at all, it’s in the number of threats that have to be solved now at each node, most of them driven by ever-increasing density and the laws of physics. Stacking die holds the promise of becoming... » read more

One On One: ARM CTO Mike Muller

LPE: How far does Moore’s Law extend forward and what are we likely to encounter along the way? Muller: The good news is there is no known solution for 7nm. That implies that between now and then it’s okay. When I talk to people they seem fairly confident they’re going to get there. Exactly how they don’t know. Will there be any miracles needed? Yes, probably one or two. But 14nm and ... » read more