Testing 2.5D And 3D-ICs

Disaggregating SoCs allows chipmakers to cram more features and functions into a package than can fit on a reticle-sized chip. But as Vidya Neerkundar, technical marketing engineer at Siemens EDA explains, there are challenges in accessing all of the dies or chiplets in a package. The new IEEE 1838 standard addresses that, as well as what to do when 2.5D and 3D-ICs are combined together in the ... » read more

IC Architectures Shift As OEMs Narrow Their Focus

Diminishing returns from process scaling, coupled with pervasive connectedness and an exponential increase in data, are driving broad changes in how chips are designed, what they're expected to do, and how quickly they're supposed to do it. In the past, tradeoffs between performance, power, and cost were defined mostly by large OEMs within the confines of an industry-wide scaling roadmap. Ch... » read more