Detailed RF Characterization of Ultra-Thin Indium Oxide Transistors

A new technical paper titled "Record RF Performance of Ultra-thin Indium Oxide Transistors with Buried-gate Structure" was published by researchers at Purdue University and won the 2022 Device Research Conference Best Student Paper Award (DRC 2022 held in June). According to this Purdue University news release, "In this work, the radio frequency (RF) performance of indium oxide transistors w... » read more

Neuromorphic chip integrated with a large-scale integration circuit and amorphous-metal-oxide semiconductor thin-film synapse devices

New academic paper from Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) and Ryukoku University. Abstract "Artificial intelligences are promising in future societies, and neural networks are typical technologies with the advantages such as self-organization, self-learning, parallel distributed computing, and fault tolerance, but their size and power consumption are large. Neuromorphic syste... » read more