Testing Analog Circuits Becoming More Difficult

Foundries and packaging houses are wrestling how to control heat in the testing phase, particularly as devices continue to shrink and as thermally sensitive analog circuits are added into SoCs and advanced packages to support everything from RF to AI. The overriding problem is that heat can damage chips or devices under test. That's certainly true for digital chips developed at advanced node... » read more

Synopsys TestMAX CustomFault

The growth in safety-critical applications has ushered in a paradigm shift in automotive IC functional safety and test coverage analysis. The increased need for safety, low defect rate, and long-term reliability is driving automotive IC designers to augment expert judgment with systematic fault simulation, to ensure a high degree of confidence in their analysis and to comply with the stringent ... » read more

The Race To Zero Defects

By Jeff Dorsch and Ed Sperling Testing chips is becoming more difficult, more time-consuming, and much more critical—particularly as these chips end up in cars, industrial automation, and a variety of edge devices. Now the question is how to provide enough test coverage to ensure that chips will work as expected without slowing down the manufacturing process or driving up costs. Balanci... » read more