Why An IBM Sale Matters

The rumored sale of IBM’s semiconductor unit to GlobalFoundries could add some interesting capabilities for the foundry, including deep process technology and expertise. It also could have some far-reaching effects for the entire semiconductor industry. The reason revolves around ongoing U.S. government initiatives to improve visibility for components throughout its supply chain. IBM has b... » read more

The Week In Review: Manufacturing And Design

Crucial.com reveals a surprising way to gain more time for improving one's personal health: fix a slow computer. A nationwide survey revealed that U.S. adults think they waste an average of 16 minutes per day waiting for their computer to load or boot up. Equating to two hours each week and four days per year lost to the wiles of a slow computer, it's no surprise that 66% of Americans say that ... » read more

GlobalFoundries Names New CEO

Sanjay Jha, a former executive at Motorola Mobility and Qualcomm, has been named as the new chief executive of GlobalFoundries. In the position, Jha replaces Ajit Manocha, who served as CEO for the silicon foundry vendor since 2011. Manocha, who was an advisor to the company’s largest shareholder prior to being appointed CEO, will return to that role and will work closely with Jha on his ... » read more

Chip Startup Shuts Its Doors

Calxeda, a high-profile developer of ARM-based chips for servers and other products, has shut its doors and effectively ceased operations. As part of the move, the startup has laid off nearly all of its 130 employees amid what it calls a restructuring period. Founded in 2008, Calxeda has raised around $103 million in funding, and has been selling ARM-based server chips in an emerging but inc... » read more

Outsourcing’s New Face

By Ed Sperling As the semiconductor industry digs out from one of the worst downturns in decades, the business of semiconductor design and engineering is changing. While the architecture and features are still being developed by chip companies, the actual work of developing the chip increasingly is being done by third parties. Outsourcing is hardly new concept in business. In the early pa... » read more