Technical Paper Round-Up: April 19

New technical papers include selective etching, ISO 26262 test bench, hardware accelerators, RISC-V, lidar, EUV mask inspection, fault attacks, edge computing, gallium oxide, and machine learning for VLSI CAD-on-chip power grid design. Cutting-edge research is now a global effort. It extends from the U.S. Air Force, to schools such as MIT, and universities in Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, K... » read more

Embedded Microprocessor Extension Design and Optimization for Real-Time Edge Computing

Abstract "With the development of 5G communication technology, more and more applications could be integrated into one system. Edge computing system and mixed-criticality system may integrate tasks of different criticality levels, which brings better balance in isolation and performance. Such advantages make it gradually become a research hotspot in edge computing and real-time systems with ... » read more