Overcoming Signal Integrity Challenges Of 112G Connections

One of the big challenges with 112G SerDes (and, to a lesser extent, all SerDes) is handling signal integrity issues. In the worst case of a long-reach application, the signal starts at the transmitter on one chip, goes from the chip to the package, across a trace on a printed-circuit board (PCB), through a connector, then a cable or backplane, another connector, another PCB trace, another pack... » read more

The Quantum IoE

The principle of quantum communication (QC) is that it can transfer a quantum state between locations. The significance of that cannot be overstated. This is what we can look to for the delivery of the super-secure communications networks of the future. This kind of secure communications is made to order for the IoE (and, of course, many other platforms). No matter how simple or complex the ... » read more