Arm SystemReady Certification System Requirements Specification v2.1

Systems that are designed to “just work” for the end user (with the ability to install and run generic off-the-shelf operating systems out-of-the-box) need to follow a set of minimum hardware and firmware requirements to ensure compatibility. For hardware, the Arm SystemReady Program defines a common Base System Architecture (BSA) specification and a set of market-specific supplements. F... » read more

Bell state analyzer for spectrally distinct photons

Abstract "We demonstrate a Bell state analyzer that operates directly on frequency mismatch. Based on electro-optic modulators and Fourier-transform pulse shapers, our quantum frequency processor design implements interleaved Hadamard gates in discrete frequency modes. Experimental tests on entangled-photon inputs reveal fidelities of ∼98% for discriminating between the |Ψ+⟩ and |Ψ−⟩... » read more