Bell state analyzer for spectrally distinct photons

Researchers make headway towards a fully quantum internet by designing and demonstrating a Bell state analyzer for frequency bin coding.


“We demonstrate a Bell state analyzer that operates directly on frequency mismatch. Based on electro-optic modulators and Fourier-transform pulse shapers, our quantum frequency processor design implements interleaved Hadamard gates in discrete frequency modes. Experimental tests on entangled-photon inputs reveal fidelities of ∼98% for discriminating between the |Ψ+⟩ and |Ψ−⟩ frequency-bin Bell states. Our approach resolves the tension between wavelength-multiplexed state transport and high-fidelity Bell state measurements, which typically require spectral indistinguishability.”

Find the open access technical paper here. Published March 2022.  ORNL’s related news article is here.

Navin B. Lingaraju, Hsuan-Hao Lu, Daniel E. Leaird, Steven Estrella, Joseph M. Lukens, and Andrew M. Weiner, “Bell state analyzer for spectrally distinct photons,” Optica 9, 280-283 (2022).

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