Silicon Lifecycle Management Platform

Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM) is an emerging paradigm within the industry that is making product development and deployment more deterministic. In-silicon observability and insight are key when it comes to SLM and as an industry we can no longer afford to be blind to what is happening inside the chip. SLM is starting to close the loop between design and in-field. Click here to read more. » read more

Silicon Lifecycle Management: Actionable Silicon Insights Through Intelligent Measurement And Analysis

Semiconductors have always been challenging to develop, with many waves of innovation in electronic design automation (EDA) tools and fabrication technologies barely keeping ahead of ever-growing design size and sophistication. Once again, the industry has reached a tipping point. The combination of increasing chip and system complexity, coupled with higher expectations for product performance ... » read more

From Womb To Tomb: A Lifetime Of Chip Data In A Common Language

Every integrated circuit (IC) has a lifetime of stories to tell. From design through the end of a chip’s life, it can let us know what’s happening all along the way, providing we give it a voice and the language to do so. But until we can gain access to this data, the lives of these ICs remain secret. In-chip monitoring opens up those secrets. It helps to optimize performance, and it is esp... » read more