Enabling Silicon Lifecycle Solutions

The concepts of product lifecycle management (PLM) should be familiar, although the semiconductor industry has yet to adopt a system for managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception through design, realization, deployment, and field service, right through to end-of-life activities such as final disposal. Now, a combination of business and technical pressures is bringing PLM capabil... » read more

Assuring Reliable Processor Performance At Scale

In today’s data center environment, resilience is key. Cloud providers are built on as-a-service business models, where uptime is critical to ensure their customers’ business continuity. Reputation and competitiveness require service at extremely high performance, low power, and increasing functionality, with zero tolerance for unplanned downtime or errors. If you’re a hyperscaler, o... » read more

What Is Silicon Lifecycle Management? A Strategic Imperative

The recent buzz about silicon lifecycle management speaks to the boom in high-stakes electronic devices. Whether it is an SoC used in a vehicle or in the datacenter, there are compelling reasons to monitor and analyze data regarding the design, realization, deployment, and field service of the device. While silicon lifecycle management is an emerging paradigm in the semiconductor industry, i... » read more