More Uses For Hypervisors

Hypervisors are showing up in more places than ever before as a quick and inexpensive way to utilize multiple cores and multiple chips more effectively and more securely. This marks an interesting twist for a technology that originally was developed as a way of enabling virtualization on a PC, allowing users to run multiple incompatible applications on the same computer. That was followed in... » read more

The Week In Review: System-Level Design

ARM and its ecosystem teamed up to create a server platform standard based on the ARMv8-A processor. The new Server Base System Architecture specification leverages a broad swath of companies in ARM’s ecosystem, including Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE, Linaro, Citrix, AMD, Broadcom, Citrix and Cavium, as well as OEMs HP and Dell. ARM has been successful in leveraging an ecosystem to win the lionâ€... » read more

Why PCs And Servers Aren’t Going Away

By Pallab Chatterjee With the rise of mobile appliances, smart phones and tablets, there has been a lot of discussion about the place for PCs, servers, embedded processors and networks. A number of companies have claimed they will rule the world of computing and there will no room for others. Reality seems to be somewhat different, however. The mobile end point devices—smart phones, table... » read more