10X Higher Productivity With VCS Dynamic Test Loading

The verification of a system-on-chip (SoC) is becoming increasingly complex, due to the multitude of functionality being implemented on a single chip. Different verification techniques are required at each level (IP, block, SoC and system) for faster verification closure. A successful verification strategy requires reuse of functional tests, faster test development and faster debug to improve t... » read more

Solution Efficiencies For Dynamic Function eXchange Using Abstract Shells

Dynamic Function eXchange (DFX) enables great flexibility within Xilinx® silicon, empowering you to load applications on demand, deliver updates to deployed systems, and reduce power consumption. Platform designs allow for collaboration between groups, where one group can focus on infrastructure and another on hardware acceleration. However, DFX has fundamental flow requirements that lead to l... » read more

Machine Learning Inferencing At The Edge

Ian Bratt, fellow in Arm's machine learning group, talks about why machine learning inferencing at the edge is so difficult, what are the tradeoffs, how to optimize data movement, how to accelerate that movement, and how it differs from developing other types of processors. » read more