Deep Learning In Industrial Inspection

Deep learning is at the upper end of AI complexity, sifting through more data to achieve more accurate results. Charlie Zhu, vice president of R&D at CyberOptics, talks about how DL can be utilized with inspection to identify defects in chips that are not discernible by traditional computer vision algorithms, classifying multiple objects simultaneously from multiple angles and taking into accou... » read more

Deep Learning Delivers Fast, Accurate Solutions For Object Detection In The Automated Optical Inspection Of Electronic Assemblies

When automated optical inspection (AOI) works, it is almost always preferable to human visual inspection. It can be faster, more accurate, more consistent, less expensive, and it never gets tired. However, some tasks that are very simple for humans are quite difficult for machines. Object detection is an example. For example, shown an image containing a cat, a dog, and a duck, a human can insta... » read more

Case Study — Deep Learning For Corner Fill Inspection And Metrology On Integrated Circuits

CyberOptics utilized deep learning to accurately inspect the corner fill on integrated circuits (ICs) produced by a large memory supplier. Traditional methods of inspection showed limitations in their ability to entirely detect the presence and absence of fill, indicating that a more advanced approach was necessary. CyberOptics drew on its large pool of algorithm and neural network expertise to... » read more