Welcome To EDA 4.0 And The AI-Driven Revolution

By Dan Yu, Harry Foster, and Tom Fitzpatrick Welcome to the era of EDA 4.0, where we are witnessing a revolutionary transformation in electronic design automation driven by the power of artificial intelligence. The history of EDA can be delineated into distinct periods marked by significant technological advancements that have propelled faster design iterations, improved productivity, and fu... » read more

(Artificially) Intelligent Verification

Functional verification produces a lot of data, , but does that make it suitable for Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML)? Experts weigh in about where and how AI can help and what the industry could do to improve the benefits. "It's not necessarily the quantity," says Harry Foster, chief scientist for verification at Mentor, a Siemens Business. "It's the quality that matter... » read more

Localized, System-Level Protocol Checks And Coverage Closure

Broadcom recently developed a unified, scalable, verification methodology based on the Veloce emulation platform. In order to test this new environment, they ran a test case, which proved that they can take assertions, compile them into Veloce, and verify that they fire accurately. In so doing, they were able to provide proof of concept for their primary goal: the creation of an internal flow t... » read more