“All-in-One” 8×8 Array of Low-Power & Bio-inspired Crypto Engines w/IoT Edge Sensors Based on 2D Memtransistors

New technical paper titled "All-in-one, bio-inspired, and low-power crypto engines for near-sensor security based on two-dimensional memtransistors" from researchers at Penn State University. Abstract: "In the emerging era of the internet of things (IoT), ubiquitous sensors continuously collect, consume, store, and communicate a huge volume of information which is becoming increasingly vuln... » read more

Differential Power Analysis

Authors Paul Kocher, Joshua Jaffe, and Benjamin Jun Cryptosystem designers frequently assume that secrets will be manipulated in closed, reliable computing environments. Unfortunately, actual computers and microchips leak information about the operations they process. This paper examines specific methods for analyzing power consumption measurements to and secret keys from tamper resistant d... » read more