Make The Impossible Possible: Use Variable-Shaped Beam Mask Writers And Curvilinear Full-Chip Inverse Lithography Technology For 193i Contacts/Vias With Mask-Wafer Co-Optimization

Abstract: "Full-chip curvilinear inverse lithography technology (ILT) requires mask writers to write full reticle curvilinear mask patterns in a reasonable write time. We jointly study and present the benefits of a full-chip, curvilinear, stitchless ILT with mask-wafer co-optimization (MWCO) for variable-shaped beam (VSB) mask writers and validate its benefits on mask and wafer at Micron Tec... » read more

Bending The Rules With Curvilinear Technology

What have been the historical hurdles for curvilinear ILT? Danping Peng, director at TSMC, reflected on his early involvement in the development of ILT and the three major hurdles encountered while at Luminescent during a panel discussion with industry experts at the eBeam Initiative’s annual event during the 2021 SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference. Among the topics covered, the panel di... » read more

Enabling Curvilinear Masks

This talk by Leo Pang, Chief Product Officer of D2S, takes a look at a unique GPU-accelerated approach to curvilinear inverse lithography technology (ILT) and introduces mask-wafer co-optimization (MWCO) that enables writing curvilinear ILT for 193i on VSB or multi-beam machines in 12 hours. » read more