PCIe 6.0 Electrical Testing For High Data-Bandwidth Applications

For nearly three decades, PCI Express (PCIe) technology has been the standard interconnect inside computers providing high bandwidth and low latency to meet customer demand. However, as the industry needs to evolve, so does the standard, keeping pace and driving future innovation. PCIe 6.0 is ubiquitous and offers power-efficient performance and high bandwidth for latency-sensitive applicati... » read more

Verifying A DDR5 Memory Subsystem

With the increasing complexity of DDR memory models and a vast set of configurations, it has become a daunting experience for verification engineers to verify memory subsystems. With the help of DDR5 Questa VIP and its unique features, engineers can maximize their debugging capabilities and achieve their verification goals quickly and efficiently. This paper introduces the Siemens EDA DDR5 and ... » read more

More Errors, More Correction in Memories

As memory bit cells of any type become smaller, bit error rates increase due to lower margins and process variation. This can be dealt with using error correction to account for and correct bit errors, but as more sophisticated error-correction codes (ECC) are used, it requires more silicon area, which in turn drives up the cost. Given this trend, the looming question is whether the cost of ... » read more