More Than Moore

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the value of feature shrinks and what comes next with Steve Eplett, design technology and automation manager at Open-Silicon; Patrick Soheili, vice president and general manager of IP Solutions at eSilicon; Brandon Wang, engineering group director at Cadence; John Ferguson, product manager for DRC applications at Mentor Graphics; and Kevin Kranen, d... » read more

SoC Derivatives Made Easy

Today’s system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs are creating more challenges than ever – challenges that demand bringing the product to market faster, before the competition does. The electronics industry and growing competition require that SoC’s achieve a short time to market (TTM) while design complexity continues to grow at a rapid rate. Another challenge is to keep the SoC design and overall ... » read more

Investment Options

It's clear that something fundamental has changed in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. What's less clear is how this will play out over the long term. Intel's agreement to invest more than $4 billion in ASML to ensure the continued development of EUV and 450mm wafer technology is more than just a one-off deal. It's a very public recognition that the astronomical cost of design and ma... » read more

SoC Design In 5 Years

By Ed Sperling The semiconductor industry is used to looking at changes every couple of years, based upon the progression of Moore’s Law. But look out further, over the next five years when the most advanced process node is somewhere between 14nm and 16nm, and the job of designing and manufacturing an SoC will look very different. At the center of this change are three very significant tr... » read more