It’s Not What You Own, It’s What You Know

Shifting business models can change the rules. The ecosystems that define our manufacturing, procurement and delivery processes, along with the customer buying behaviors associated with those processes, can shift dramatically over time, resulting in a world that seems to be upside down at first glance. The exodus of mainstream manufacturing out of certain countries is an example of these shifts... » read more

Executive Insight: Jack Harding

SE: What’s worrying you these days? Harding: One thing that bothers me is the cost of chip development on a per-chip basis. We seduce ourselves into thinking everything is wonderful because the cost per transistor is dropping in chunks. Gate costs are going down at every node. If you look at the secular trend, we’ve done a pretty good job putting a lot of stuff in a small space. In my bu... » read more

Self-Service Comparisons Come To SoC Design

Under the guise of enabling self-service comparison of its compilable memories and providing self-service online quoting of TSMC technology, semiconductor design and manufacturing services provider eSilicon Corp. detailed the latest evolution of its business model—and one that could have interesting implications for the IP and memory markets. This move reflects the changing dynamics of cus... » read more