What Is The Definition Of Design For Context?

EDA industry pundits and bloggers are latching onto a new term: design for context. So far, it has eluded a crisp yet complete definition. It's one of those ideas that if you ask ten people about it, you get ten different answers – some better than others. Ed Sperling wryly observed this in his recent panel discussions about the topic: "Even my questions are getting longer." When Keysight lis... » read more

Toward Domain-Specific EDA

More companies appear to be creating custom EDA tools, but it is not clear if this trend is accelerating and what it means for the mainstream EDA industry. Whenever there is change, there is opportunity. Change can come from new abstractions, new options for optimization, or new limitations that are imposed on a tool or flow. For example, the slowing of Moore's Law means that sufficient prog... » read more

Who Benefits From Chiplets, And When

Experts at the Table: Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss new packaging approaches and integration issues with Anirudh Devgan, president and CEO of Cadence; Joseph Sawicki, executive vice president of Siemens EDA; Niels Faché, vice president and general manager at Keysight; Simon Segars, advisor at Arm; and Aki Fujimura, chairman and CEO of D2S. This discussion was held in front of a... » read more