Deals That Change The Chip Industry

Nvidia's pending $40 billion acquisition of Arm is expected to have a big impact on the chip world, but it will take years before the effects of this deal are fully understood. More such deals are expected over the next couple of years due to several factors — there is a fresh supply of startups with innovative technology, interest rates are low, and market caps and stock prices of buyers ... » read more

China Unveils Memory Plans

Backed by billions of dollars in government funding, China in 2014 launched a major initiative to advance its domestic semiconductor, IC-packaging and other electronic sectors. So far, though, the results are mixed. China is making progress in IC-packaging, but the nation’s efforts to advance its domestic logic and memory sectors are still a work in progress. In fact, China has yet to achi... » read more

2014 CapEx: Memory Is Leading The Way

The semiconductor industry is expensive. Billions of dollars are spent every year to keep the fabs running, build new fabs, and push the process technology to greater and greater heights. Billions more will be spent to make 450mm production a reality. In January 2013, Semico predicted that, based on initial indications from some companies, total CapEx would be flat this year. Based on current d... » read more

The Week In Review: Aug. 19

By Mark LaPedus Applied Materials named Gary Dickerson, who has been serving as president of the company, as CEO. Mike Splinter, who held the reins since 2003, was elevated to executive chairman of the board. Dickerson served as the CEO of Varian, which Applied acquired in 2011, as well as the president and COO of KLA-Tencor. Applied Materials also announced its Q3 results. The company rep... » read more

The Week In Review: Aug 5

By Mark LaPedus According to a nationwide online survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of, 36% of those Americans who experienced PC problems in the past six months admit they have lashed out at their slow, underperforming computers by using profanity, screaming and shouting, or by striking it with a fist or other object. Those who experienced computer problems also indi... » read more

3D DRAM Makers Inch Closer To Production

By Mark LaPedus For some time, DRAM makers have been developing 3D memory chips, but commercial products still are not due out for some time because of technical and cost issues. But the advent of the 3D DRAM era could be near the turning point, as two memory rivals have separately moved to bring their respective technologies closer to production. In one move, Micron Technology Inc. has di... » read more

TSVs Ease Heat In 3D ICs

By Ann Steffora Mutschler In the evolving discussion of 3D ICs and through silicon via (TSV) technology, a key issue engineering teams are facing today is how to reduce the thermal coefficients between substrates in a stacked die. Simply put, what is the best way to get the heat out of the 2.5 or 3D IC? The answer, of course, is anything but simple. “In a 3D system, the heat hierarchy ... » read more