A Holistic Approach To Energy-Efficient System-On-Chip (SoC) Design

It takes a great deal of energy to power the modern world, and demand grows every day. This is especially true for electronics, where ever increasing automation and more intelligent devices incessantly demand more power. Many applications that use chips face a variety of pressures for reduced power consumption and better energy efficiency. In response, the semiconductor and electronic design au... » read more

Energy-Efficient SoCs For The Zettabyte Era Using Power-Saving IP And System Design Techniques

As the modern world becomes increasingly connected, businesses and consumers alike are relying more and more on digital data. Behind the scenes, data centers that manage all of this digital data are a somewhat silent, yet impactful, part of this connectivity revolution. These data centers are lined with servers that process digital data for everything from social media status updates to analyti... » read more

Power Issues Grow For Cloud Chips

Performance levels in traditional or hyperscale data centers are being limited by power and heat caused by an increasing number of processors, memory, disk and operating systems within servers. The problem is so complex and intertwined, though, that solving it requires a series of steps that hopefully add up to a significant reduction across a system. But at 7nm and below, predicting exactly... » read more