AI: Engineering Tool Or Threat To Jobs?

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to talk about using AI for designing and testing complex chips with Michael Jackson, corporate vice president for R&D at Cadence; Joel Sumner, vice president of semiconductor and electronics engineering at National Instruments; Grace Yu, product and engineering manager at Meta; David Pan, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering a... » read more

EDA Embraces Big Data Amid Talent Crunch

The semiconductor industry’s labor crunch finally has convinced chip designers to bet big money on big data. As recently as 2016, executives weren’t sure there was a market for big data approaches to electronic design automation. The following year, utilization of big data remained stuck in its infancy. And in 2018, Semiconductor Engineering questioned why the EDA sector wasn’t investi... » read more

Firmware Skills Shortage

Good hardware without good software is a waste of silicon, but with so many new processors and accelerator architectures being created, and so many new skills required, companies are finding it hard to hire enough engineers with low-level software expertise to satisfy the demand. Writing compilers, mappers and optimization software does not have the same level of pizazz as developing new AI ... » read more

Hard-To-Hire Engineering Jobs

While the pandemic has hurt many job sectors, the semiconductor industry can't get enough qualified people. And that shortage is expected to persist for years, as companies reach deep into untapped talent pools around the globe. Most in demand are experienced engineers and engineers with hybrid knowledge. Skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence are very desirable. Combined kno... » read more

Test Engineers In Very Short Supply

Semiconductor design, verification, manufacturing, and test requires an army of engineers, with each playing a special role. But increasingly, these disciplines also require additional training to be able to understand the context around their jobs, and that is making it harder to fill different positions at a time when the chip industry already is severely short-staffed. This is particularl... » read more

Engineering Talent Shortage Now Top Risk Factor

Demand is increasing for engineers and related technical fields in the IC industry, but companies are struggling to find enough talent. The problem is even worse in hot new markets such as AI and 5G, where competition is fierce for experienced workers. The talent shortfall starts with college graduates and professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)... » read more