MBIST-supported Trim Adjustment to Compensate Thermal Behavior of MRAM

Abstract: "Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) is one of the most promising candidates to replace conventional embedded memory such as Static RAM and Dynamic RAM. However, due to the small on/off ratio of MRAM cells, process variations may reduce the operating margin of a chip. Reference trimming was suggested as one of the ways to reduce variation impact to the chi... » read more

The Ten Commandments Of Packaging

Semiconductor packaging continues to evolve as chipmakers find new ways to fit more functionality into smaller spaces. Whereas the package once served primarily as a means of attaching a chip to a circuit board and protecting it from damage due to heat, moisture, etc., packaging today plays an important role in adding value to the device, boosting customization while helping to reduce costs. ... » read more