Reprogrammable, Reprogrammable, Reprogrammable

By Alex Grove I like FPGAs. My first experience with an FPGA was my university final year project where I demonstrated BIST with four Xilinx© 3000 devices; this was before FPGAs had JTAG built in. Filling up these devices with ViewDraw schematics required many hours in front of a terminal. Fast track to today’s advances such as Xilinx UltraScale and Vivado HLx, and I hope you would agree ... » read more

Blog Review: Jan. 27

There's an ocean of possibilities for transistors and interconnects at the 5nm node, says Cadence's Paul McLellan – but will any of them be feasible in time? How would you design R2-D2? Mentor's Joe Hupcey III lays out what low power techniques he thinks the Star Wars droid might require. It's not all clear skies in the world of FinFETs, as Synopsys' Graham Etchells continues his series... » read more