Generating the Generator: A User-Driven And Template-Based Approach Towards Analog Layout Automation

Various analog design automation attempts have addressed the shortcomings of the still largely manual and, thus, inefficient and risky analog design approach. These methods can roughly be divided into synthesis and procedural generation. An important key aspect has, however, rarely been considered: usability. While synthesis requires sophisticated constraints, procedural generators require expe... » read more

Design Of An Ultra-Low-Power Current Steering DAC In A Modern SOI technology

Despite the tremendous advancement in innovations on digitizing and processing signals over the last century, real world signals are inevitably analog in nature. A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) serves in translating these digitized signals into different analog quantities like voltage, current or charges. We mainly focus on a Nyquist-rate current-steering digital- to-analog converte... » read more