Cognitive Radio

[youtube vid=DYDZ64RtB_A] » read more

Must-Have Tools For Engineers

It may be one of the best equipped system-development labs on Earth, but it's largely used to create designs that aren't used on this planet. [youtube vid=khCj-7ftAzw] » read more

Fewer Engineers Means Fewer Weapons Designs

By Ed Sperling Uncle Sam wants you—but not on the battlefield. The diminished pool of qualified engineering and science graduates is having a major impact on the defense market. There simply are too few trained engineers to design complex systems for the military at the rate they’re needed, creating a huge hole in a system that has been humming along for the better part of a century. And ... » read more

Artificial Intelligence: This Time It’s For Real

AI used to be the stuff of science fiction, but cheap processing power and storage has made it a reality. To find out what's being developed, System-Level Design ( tracked down Rachel Goshorn, assistant professor of System Engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science in the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. Check out what she has to s... » read more

Case Study: A Better Way To Predict Weather

By Ed Sperling Most of our weather predictions are developed from about 150 stationary government radar systems, which interlock and occasionally overlap to create a cohesive picture. The picture isn’t perfect—in fact, it’s probably the equivalent of looking at a large, grainy satellite photo—which creates plenty of wrong forecasts. But the system can track large storms across state bo... » read more