Heterogeneous IC Packaging: Optimizing Performance And Cost

Leading integrated circuit (IC) foundries are already shipping 7-nm and 5-nm wafers and 3-nm product qualifications are ongoing. Wafer costs continue to soar as high transistor density requires ever more expensive processes to fabricate them. Even if defect densities can remain relatively flat as new nodes emerge, the cost per unit area of silicon increases nonlinearly. These economics have pla... » read more

A Practical Approach To DFT For Large SoCs And AI Architectures, Part II

By Rahul Singhal and Giri Podichetty Part I of this article discusses the design-for-test (DFT) challenges of AI designs and strategies to address them at the die level. This part focuses on the test requirements of AI chips that integrate multiple dies and memories on the same package. Why 2.5D/3D chiplet-based designs for AI SoCs? Many semiconductor companies are adopting chiplet-based d... » read more