Three Ways To Speed Up Timing Closure Of High-Speed PCB Interfaces

On advanced high-speed interfaces, timing closure can be an iterative process that can be time-consuming and frustrating. PCB designers need techniques and tools to make the process more efficient, so they can contribute to an overall faster time to market for the design. This article discusses three ways that the new Cadence Allegro TimingVision environment speeds up timing closure of high-spe... » read more

Leverage Functional Interfaces For High-Speed Test Access During All Phases Of The Silicon Lifecycle

Chip testing used to be straightforward. The development team used fault simulation to select a subset of the functional tests that could detect most possible manufacturing faults. These were translated to test patterns that ran on automated test equipment (ATE) to screen out defective dies at wafer test and bad packaged chips in final test. Lots of new technology was introduced over time, incl... » read more