Manufacturing Bits: June 30

3D printed supercars Divergent Microfactories has rolled out a new approach to auto manufacturing based on 3D printing. The technology is based on what the company calls a Node. A Node is a metal alloy that is produced using 3D printers. The Nodes are combined with carbon fiber tubes, which, in turn, enable the development of a car chassis. [caption id="attachment_20782" align="alignleft... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: June 10

At the recent ITF Brussels 2014 event in Belgium, Imec and its partners described a plethora of new technologies in several arenas. Here’s just a small sample of what Imec and others are working on: Hyperspectral imaging cameras Imec and Ximea have devised the world’s smallest hyperspectral imaging camera. Hyperspectral cameras divide the light spectrum into many small wavelength bands.... » read more