Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Arteris IP uncorked its initial public offering this week, a rare occurrence for a semiconductor IP vendor over the past couple decades. The stock began trading on the Nasdaq Global Market on Wednesday under the ticker symbol AIP, gaining more than 40% on its first day. Tools Codasip updated its Studio processor design toolset. Version 9.1 includes an expanded bus support with full AXI for ... » read more

Blog Review: April 21

Synopsys' Taylor Armerding warns that without making cybersecurity a priority, companies may be positioning themselves as the weak link in the supply chain, and provides some tips for protecting both the company and its customers. Siemens EDA's Simon Favre points to critical area analysis and design for manufacturing as two important strategies to improve IC yield and quality. Cadence's P... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: Jan. 30

SRC’s new R&D centers The Semiconductor Research Corp. has launched a network of research centers within its recently-announced Joint University Microelectronics Program (JUMP). SRC officially launched the 5-year, $200 million program on Jan. 1. With various research centers, the mission of JUMP is to lay the groundwork that extends the viability of Moore’s Law through 2040. The idea is... » read more