Securing SOCs With Esecure HRoT From Silex Insight And Tortuga Logic’s Radix-S

In this new whitepaper, you will learn: How Hardware Roots of Trust (HRoTs) are being used to protect systems with a security foundation The use  of Threat modeling to effectively to verify the eSecure HRoT from Silex Insight in surrounding systems A five-step hardware security validation process that leverages hardware CWEs and Tortuga Logic’s Radix-S to detect and prevent securi... » read more

What Makes A Chip Tamper-Proof?

The cyber world is the next major battlefield, and attackers are busily looking for ways to disrupt critical infrastructure. There is widespread proof this is happening. “Twenty-six percent of the U.S. power grid was found to be hosting Trojans," said Haydn Povey, IAR Systems' general manager of embedded security solutions. "In a cyber-warfare situation, that's the first thing that would b... » read more

Detect And Prevent Security Vulnerabilities In Your Hardware Root Of Trust

Hardware is at the root of the trust chain. Software runs on chipsets in every system meaning that if the hardware itself is not secure the most advanced software-level defenses can still be circumvented. However, it is important to emphasize that analyzing hardware in isolation also does not guarantee system-level security. Composing different parts of a system together can result in vulnerabi... » read more