GF Closes On IBM Chip Business Purchase

By Ann Steffora Mutschler, Ed Sperling and Mark LaPedus GlobalFoundries completed its acquisition of IBM's Microelectronics Group today, creating a behemoth that is expected to extend well beyond the combined footprint of the existing companies. To begin with, GlobalFoundries will get two additional fabs, one of which makes RF SOI chips. But while IBM was hesitant to expand that business ... » read more

An Inside Look At The GlobalFoundries-IBM Deal

GlobalFoundries' proposed acquisition of IBM Microelectronics is the kind of deal that will have business schools talking for many years to come—a gargantuan combination of expertise and technology, built on the back of high-profile business successes and failures, long-running legal struggles and global politics—with far-reaching implications for all parts of the semiconductor supply chain... » read more

IBM Unloads Chip Biz To GF

By Ed Sperling & Mark LaPedus After months of on-again, off-again negotiations, [getentity id="22306" comment="IBM"] agreed to hand over its Microelectronics unit to [getentity id="22819" comment="GlobalFoundries"] for $1.5 billion—meaning IBM will actually pay GlobalFoundries that amount to get rid of what has become an albatross for Big Blue. To really sweeten the deal, GlobalFoundr... » read more